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The Treehouse

The Treehouse a small learning provision providing individualised learning and support for children at Chalkwell Hall Infant School. We work in a small team consisting of one teacher and three learning support assistants, for the duration of the morning session. In the Treehouse, we focus on English and Maths as well as gross motor, fine motor, speech and language and social skills. Our mornings include sensory breaks and opportunities for children to work on their Individual Support Plan targets. We provide a safe and secure base for the children to develop, learn and of course have fun!




The Classroom

Our classroom has role play corners, learning tables, a dressing up area, quiet areas and an English and Maths zone. The themes for our role play areas are determined by the children, we have plenty of resources accessible for them to explore. We also have areas of the room that focus on emotions and lots of resources to help with the emotional literacy of the children in the class.









The Learning 

The children in the Treehouse are learning at different levels but usually find the environment of the Treehouse an easier space to complete their morning lessons. This safe setting allows the children to thrive whilst learning new things. We currently have children from year 1, 2 and even 3 visit our provision.  In the afternoons, the children mostly access their mainstream class and join in foundation subjects independently. 






Outdoor Learning

We try to get out and about as much as possible to enhance the experiences and skills of the children. We regularly visit our local park and beach as well as visiting places of interest with a variety of year groups. We also swim on a weekly basis in the autumn and summer term

to help with

the children’s

gross motor and

sensory skills.








What our parents say…

‘’The Treehouse is an amazing facility where our child is able to learn and flourish at a pace suitable to him. The incredible teacher and learning support team provide a safe and nurturing environment that encourages our child to progress happily and most importantly enjoy learning!’’


‘The treehouse has really helped with my son's learning and confidence, he loves it!’


"The treehouse has been brilliant for our son. Learning in a smaller class at his own level has given him more confidence in the areas of learning he finds difficult. It has also been great for his independence. He is really happy in the treehouse and all the teaching staff are lovely!"



What our children say…

“The Treehouse is good because I love singing and drawing”


“I like it when I come here and go on trips”


“The grown ups are great and good and they look after me”