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In addition, a tortilla wrap G, Wheat will be available daily. A choice of cheese, houmous, ham and tuna will be available each day

Alternative food options will be provided, where possible, for children with allergies

At least one of the following desserts: yoghurt, jelly, malt loaf, sponge cake will be available daily.

A fruit basket will be available every day.



All meals meet the nutritional guidelines of the Food Standards Agency.

All items on our menu are subject to availability. We will make our best efforts to inform you as soon as possible if the items on our menu are not available.



Under the government scheme, all infant children receive a free school meal, Junior meals are priced at £2.50.




We are an ‘allergy aware’ school. To protect the safety of our pupils and staff, no one is allowed to bring nuts onto the school site and the children cannot share or swap their food.  Our healthy lunch menu includes allergy information, allowing parents to make informed choices about what their children can and cannot eat during the school day. During lunch times, children with allergies, intolerances or other dietary requirements wear a coloured lanyard that identifies their dietary need. All staff are familiar with the care plans of individuals and we ensure that regular training occurs. If you have any questions, comments or concerns about allergies, please email Kerrie Lawton







Packed Lunch options for school trips and events


We offer four alternatives as the main staple:

  • cheese 
  • ham 
  • cream cheese & salad 
  • tuna & sweetcorn pasta.


All lunch boxes will contain a fruit juice, a bottle of water, a slice of homemade cake/muffin and a piece of fruit. We have decided not to specify whether the fillers will be in a wrap or a sandwich, we thought we would leave that down to the catering team to decide on the day subject to stock levels etc. 


Each lunch will be prepared individually so that the children can carry their own lunch when on a trip, if required. 


The allergy information is:-

1 carton of fruit juice none
1 bottle of water none
Cream cheese & salad contains milk
Cheese contains milk
Ham none
Roll contains wheat may contain sesame seeds
Wrap contains wheat
Sandwich contains wheat & soybean
Tuna & Sweetcorn Pasta contains fish & wheat
Homemade cake

contains wheat, egg, milk, may contain soybean

One piece of fruit






If you have any comments or questions about the school menu, please email the office manager,

Kerrie Lawton,