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Understanding the World

Understanding The World


We follow whole school topic based learning which guides our children to make sense of their physical world and their community. We encourage them to make connections, to solve problems, to make choices and to communicate and develop their own ideas and feelings.


In order to develop the children’s understanding of their own culture and those of other people we compare and contrast their family and community or their special places. We draw upon what the children have read in class, their diverse experiences and beliefs and celebrate different festivals and special family times as they occur throughout the year to find out about different cultures, comparing them to our own lives.


The children are offered real-life experiences such as visiting the nearby Chalkwell Park, the beach or library. These practical activities enable our children to learn new skills and to explore, observe and talk about their experiences. To support and develop their creative skills and scientific enquiry, the children find out about living things and talk about how things work. Our “Investigation Station” provides the perfect place for the children to explore collections of different materials and compare the similarities and differences.