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The challenge of maths in Reception is that first grasp of number and pattern. At Chalkwell we approach early mathematics in as practical a way as possible. The children discover and deepen their understanding of mathematical concepts through play, experimentation and the use of practical, concrete objects.


We have adopted the Singapore approach for teaching maths, where children learn through a progression of concrete, pictorial and then abstract methods. To deliver the learning we use a wide range of teaching resources including Numicon, cubes, counters, resources from 'White Rose' alongside puzzles and games from online learning platforms.


Daily “Maths Meetings” ensure that our children become confident with key mathematical skills such as counting, sorting, recognising numbers, place value, shape, patterns, money and time. It is important their understanding is developed in an imaginative and enjoyable way therefore, much of the learning is developed through stories, rhymes, songs, practical activities and games.


“We love maths, oh yes we do!”