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The Recovery Curriculum

In September 2020 and again in March 2021 with the nation’s children returning to school, we wanted to share with you the approach we have adopted to welcome them back and re-engage them into learning.  This approach is called the ‘Recovery Curriculum’ and takes into account the varied experiences that our children and families might have had during the lockdown periods and the return to school. Thinking about the curriculum in a new light has helped us to focus on what we see as really important and structure an approach that suits our setting and the needs of our community.


We learnt so much in the time away from ‘normal’ schooling in Lockdown 1, and there are many aspects that we took forward into our 'new normal'. These range from an opportunity to re-explore what is important to us as a school, and what we feel our learners need. From building strong, working relationships with our families and stakeholders, to reflecting on the school day and its structure, and how this has been adapted to suit the needs of our learners more effectively. This includes reflecting on ‘how’ we teach our children, not just ‘what’ we teach


This curriculum has been broken down further by our teaching staff and is reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure it reflects the needs of our learners as we continue to move through uncertain times. 


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