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Our curriculum is driven by our REACH values and by our desire to prepare our learners of today for tomorrow's world. We aim to inspire and motivate pupils while providing for their academic, moral, physical, creative, personal and social development. Children learn through a careful balance of specific teaching programmes and a topic based approach.


Throughout Key Stage 1, we recognise the importance of making links across the curriculum. Lessons are designed to ensure pupils acquire knowledge and skills and have opportunities to recall, practise and apply their skills in a range of contexts and commit their learning to the long term memory. We encourage co-operative work, talk, discussion and enjoyment as vehicles for learning in all subjects.


This year we found ourselves in a new and unusual situation having welcomed our pupils back in September after a significant amount of time away from school and possibly learning. We developed our 'Recovery Curriculum' to structure our approach to engaging children back into learning. In developing this curriculum we were able to think about what the most important learning for our children might be, and what the best approach to teaching them might be. 


We reviewed this curriculum on an ongoing basis, making tweaks to our approach and in response to the emerging and different needs of the children. And again, in welcoming the children back to school in March 2021 we repeated the process of considering what our children's needs might be and how we can structure our curriculum to ease them seamlessly back into engaging in school life. 


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