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Religious Education

Religious Education


Discover, explore and understand -  There will be a focus on developing knowledge and understanding about the different religions represented within our community
Connections - Pupils will compare what is the same and what is different as we explore aspects of belief and practice within a range of faiths
Importance -  Children will examine the impact of religion on their own and other people’s lives and appreciate and respect people whose religions and views might differ from their own

Our daily acts of worship are of broadly of a Christian nature and we also explore other world religions. In Key Stage 1, we follow the Southend Agreed Syllabus. Primarily, we learn about the Christian, Jewish and Islamic faiths and the similarities and differences between them. We visit places of worship as well as meeting members of faith communities who tell us about their lives. We think about what we can learn from these religions and also consider how they teach us about our place in the world we live in.  We encourage children to be appreciative, ‘tolerant and respectful’ (Southend Agreed Syllabus) of all people around us.