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Eco Warriors

Eco Warriors are a team of children passionate about protecting and saving our planet. They understand how important our planet is and that we must do our best to care for it. The Eco-Warriors work together as a team to make positive changes to our school to make it a more environmentally friendly place and think about how we can help our community become more ‘green’. 


In our school you will see the Eco Warriors:

  • Encouraging children, teachers and the local community to recycle

  • Reflecting on how much energy we use and thinking about ways we can use less

  • Finding out about and sharing information about how the decisions and actions we make today can affect the planet in the future 

  • Thinking of new ideas to improve how our school and community look after the world around us

💚🌎💚 Meet our Eco-Warriors! 💚🌎💚


Our Eco Warriors were chosen by their classmates after making a speech about why they would be perfect for the role. We have a representative from each class across the school.



Eco News

The Eco-Warriors have been investigating what our school throws away - and what better way to do this then go on a bin dive! They discovered that our children needed a bit of help with our current recycling system and so the Year 1 team made posters with Mrs Matthews to help their class understand what rubbish goes where! They presented their findings to their classmates too! From their dive they are now thinking of how we can reduce the amount of rubbish going into general this space!




The Eco-Warriors have been awarded the Bronze Eco-Schools award for all their hard work so far this year! Well done Team!



Eco News

The Eco-Warriors completed an Environmental Review of the school. They answered questions about a range of environmental topics and scored how good or bad our school is in each area. We found out that our school was really good at :

  • Reducing transport pollution (most of us walk, cycle or scoot to school!)

  • Reducing Litter on school grounds

  • Global Citizenship (learning about other countries, cultures and religions)


We also found out that we had some important areas to work on and have created an action plan to help us with 3 focus areas. Take a look at our action plan below:



Eco News

Our Year 2 Eco-Warriors are actioning for change barely a week into the job! The group have been talking about how climate change is impacting our planet and wanted to do something about it. We learnt about how some ways of making energy add to climate change but by using the earth’s natural resources (sun, water, wind) we can help. The group have decided to write to the council asking for funding so we can install solar panels at school. They’ve also made posters to try to convince them to support their cause. We shall let you know the outcome...🤞🏻