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Chalkwell Hall Infant school Governors statement on behaviour


We are an inclusive school totally committed to working with pupils, parents and carers and other agencies. We strive to ensure all children regardless of race, gender, abilities or social background have a learning environment that enables them to achieve their best. We believe good behaviour is essential to the fulfilment of this goal. We believe in a culture of respect for each other, the school and the community.


We aim to:


  • provide a friendly, secure, supportive and positive learning environment.
  • maintain an open partnership between parents, pupils and the school.
  • marginalize bad behaviour by promoting good behaviour.
  • ensure all adults in the school present a positive role model for pupils.
  • encourage pupils to develop self-discipline and personal accountability.
  • create and maintain a positive and caring environment in which children are disciplined without destroying their self-esteem.
  • fulfil the criteria set out by the ‘National Healthy Schools Award’ with regards to emotional health and well-being.

‚ÄčThe effective promotion of positive behaviour requires the involvement and commitment of pupils, teachers, learning support assistants, mid-day assistants, administrative staff and governors, i.e. every member of the school community, coupled with close communication and partnership with parents and carers.


In school the children follow the Golden Rules

  • We are gentle – We don’t hurt others
  • We are kind and helpful – We don’t hurt anybody’s feelings
  • We listen – We don’t interrupt
  • We are honest – We don’t cover up the truth
  • We work hard – We don’t waste our own or other’s time
  • We look after property – We don’t waste or damage things

Our Behaviour and Reward Policy