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Vision and Values

As always our REACH vision and our desire to ‘prepare today’s learners for tomorrow’s world’ will continue to drive our approach and every aspect of the ‘recovery’ period. These values underpin the decision making process and help us to prioritise. They supported us through the lockdown and partial opening periods and provided guidance and structure on operations during the extenuating circumstances we all found ourselves in.



Our focus is on ‘catching up’ children with gaps in their learning, but this will only be achieved if these children feel safe and secure. We know that an anxious child is not a learner, and therefore we have a strong focus on developing pupil (and staff) wellbeing.


Basic Skills

We are not apologetic that we will focus on basic skills learning in English and maths, but this will not be to the detriment of the wider curriculum and our other priorities. It is more that we see these skills as central to accessing the wider curriculum and will structure the day and learning time so that the most can be made of each moment of the day.