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Chalkwell Hall Infant School’s Leadership Roles and Responsibilities


At Chalkwell Hall Infant School, we value everyone’s voice and opinions. Children are actively involved in making our school a better place. To help ensure all our voices are heard, we elect children into different roles and responsibilities. Everybody has a chance to put themselves forward for any of the roles. As a whole school, we listen to why they feel they would be good for a job and then we all vote for the person we think is most suitable. Each child elected wears a badge to show how much we value and respect their role within our school community. These role and responsibilities are explained below: 



The 'REACH' Council

Our REACH Council represents the voice of all children in the school and are active both inside and outside our school community. They understand the importance of sharing their opinion and they know that it is valued, by their peers, adults and the wider community. They understand that there is always more to achieve and strive for improvement for all. They care about the school and wider community and support others to be happy, healthy and safe. In our school you will see Pupil Voice:

  • Organise events to support local and global charities

  • Gather the views of peers (e.g. school dinners) and act on them positively

  • Represent the school at key events, such as awards and staff interviews

  • Be consulted on new changes to policy and school routines


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Eco Warriors understand how important our planet is and that we must do our best to care for it. They are caring children who want to look after our school environment, the local community and improve the wider world. Eco warriors know just what it takes to make our space more ‘green’ (take care of it). In our school you will see the Eco Warriors:

  • Encouraging peers, teachers and the local community to recycle

  • Reflecting on how much energy we use and thinking about ways we can use less

  • Finding out about and sharing information about how the decisions and actions we make today can affect the planet in the future 

  • Thinking of new ideas to improve how our school and community look after the world around us


Click here for the Eco Warrior page



House Captains

House Captains are the centre of our REACH values at Chalkwell. They are supportive children who want to make our school a better place for everyone. House captains are role models for their house (Colchester, Mountfitchet, Hedingham and Hadleigh) and encourage others to make good choices. In our school you will see the House Captains:

  • Demonstrating our REACH values and encouraging others to do the same

  • Being positive role models in the classroom, on the playground and around the school

  • Thinking of and sharing ways that children in their house can earn house points

  • Counting their class house points

Click here for the House Captains' page



Sports Captains

Sport Captains support others to make healthy choices and stay active. At Chalkwell, our Sport Captains know just what it takes to be a healthy individual. They understand that sport is not just about playing a game but is about team-work, having good sportsmanship and persevering. In our school you will see the Sport Captains:

  • Encouraging their peers to be active at playtimes and lessons

  • Supporting their class in the daily mile

  • Reflecting on PE to improve future lessons

  • Demonstrating a competitive and positive attitude to sport

  • Always thinking of new ways to be healthy


Click here for the Sport Captains page



Play Team Minis

Our ‘Play Team’ run the activities and provision at lunchtimes across the Infant and Junior schools, and to help them in their role they have a number of ‘Play Team Minis’. The Minis are selected from the classes, and they wear a purple hi vis so they can be seen easily. Their role is:

  • To help put out and tidy away resources
  • To show others how to put out and tidy away resources
  • To manage play areas along with the Play Team
  • To role model how to play with the equipment
  • To organise children so queuing is kept to a minimum
  • To give feedback on the success of the different play opportunities