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Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2023 at 10:06
Subject: School meals
To: Shelley Cooper <>




I just wanted to email to say how much <<our child>> is enjoying the new menu and hot meals at school this term. For someone who has eaten a ham or humous wrap every day since reception haha is now loving the hot food every day. She is a brilliant eater so not really sure why she hasn't tried the hot meals until recently however, they are going down really well. 


Just wanted to say thank you, I know people are quick to complain and moan and whilst we have never had any complaints with the food / menu I can clearly see the changes have sparked an interest and <<our child>> looks forward to her pizza, lasagne and especially the sausage baguette. This really helps when she has after school tutoring and clubs outside school. Knowing she's had a warm meal and eating well is one less thing for a parent to worry about. 


Thank you for all the hard work you all do, for our children. 


Date: Thu, Jun 17, 2021 at 11:18 AM
Subject: Feedback
To: <>

Firstly, we are so proud of being part of the Chalkwell community. It’s an amazing school and we have felt really looked after and cared for during another very challenging school year.

The personal messages from Mrs Gopee (class teacher) have been so reassuring, she has been great with suggestions and encouragements when we have struggled. It’s also been lovely to see how all the teachers have come together with the constant story times, assemblies, learning tasks and fun activities on Facebook during homeschooling. It has given a sense of normality and belonging and <child> feels that she can connect with all the teachers now. What you all do really is hugely appreciated and makes such a difference, so thank you!

The learning videos on the website have enabled us as parents to support our children using the correct terminology. I especially like that we can now dip in and out of areas we might struggle with. This would be something that would be nice to keep uploading even now they are back. It would be handy to have a search button under each year subject (ie. multiplication under Maths year1 and so on) as it can sometimes be hard to locate if it just says “new learning and the date”.

We loved the Facebook updates. Not only does it give us a little snippet of their school week but it’s a great way for a conversation starter.

Despite the restrictions still in place the school has gone above and beyond to make it feel “normal” and relaxed for the children. Adjusting the drop off/pick up times, one way systems, lunch in classrooms seems to work really well. It’s also easy for us to communicate in the recording book or by email/phone calls.

The mental health has been important for us (especially with an only child with family abroad) and it’s been great that the school has focused on this. Knowing that the classes are not mixed again for next term is very reassuring for the children.

When asking <child> if she is missing anything, the answer is clear: SINGING ASSEMBLIES (she wants to write to Boris Johnson about that!) She even suggested that they could sing “I like the flowers” in class groups outside 🤪 hopefully one day soon they can sing again.

We are keeping everything crossed for a safe and smooth 5 weeks and the start of next term without too many disruptions.

Thank you all for being our constant rock and your amazing creativity. The environment of Chalkwell school is very unique and pleasant and we have a happy child who loves her time in school.


Date: Thu, Jun 17, 2021 at 9:27 AM
Subject: Feedback
To: Sarah Clements <>

Good morning Mrs Clements!

I just wanted to share my feedback with you after <child's> first year is nearly at an end.

Personally I feel Mrs Dove and the TAs have been wonderful with <child>. As a child who took a while to settle, they went above and beyond to help her - particularly after lockdown, knowing she might struggle returning to school. As a result she absolutely LOVES school (she tells us regularly now). She’s embraced her learning and keenly reads every night with us, which shows to me that she is clearly enjoying it!

The school has provided the most nurturing environment for the children: parents are listened to (thank you for listening regarding the reception bubbles!) and their views accounted for.

Lockdown was managed brilliantly; the online learning was fantastic and there was clear guidelines and detailed next step feedback. We loved the assemblies too! And your parent pep talks were much needed and appreciated.

As an outsider it appears the SLT team clearly work together to provide a clear framework and consistent direction for the rest of the school team; this also shows in the enthusiasm of the staff team (from my perceptions on Facebook photos etc). They’re clearly happy and appreciated!

Thank you to EVERYONE at Chalkwell for being amazing this year, I’m sure it’s probably been one of the most challenging times of everyone’s careers. Well done to you all!


Date: Tue, Jun 15, 2021 at 7:44 PM
Subject: Feedback
To: Sarah Clements <>

Hi Mrs Clements

Just a quick note to say <child> is reaching the end of her time with the infants school and I have been so happy with all of her teachers and the running of the school, whether in lockdown or not, especially miss d’auria whose feedback helped me recognise <child's> capability in sport as well as academically. She really knows and understands <child> and was able to motivate her to maximise her potential when she could have just accepted that she was already doing well.

So thank you all for everything you have done for our family, and we will be sorry to say goodbye to such a caring and well run school at the end of this term. 

Kind regards


Date: Mon, Jun 21, 2021 at 7:56 PM
Subject: Feedback
To: <>


As a key worker (nurse) and mum to three across the Chalkwell schools I cannot fault the input and teaching we received this past year in the infants. The information sent out to assist us was of the right amount and the help with videos was greatly appreciated.

The assemblies were a little bit of sunshine in the midst of some of our tougher days! The kind and sincere videos from Mrs Clements directed to parents to take care of ourselves too always came at just the right times.

In the second lockdown my son came in as a key worker for a few days a week and he flourished. It was lovely to know he was happy and cared for during that difficult time. On the days he wasn’t at school he asked upon waking to see ‘Mrs Giles’ morning video message‘ that she sent daily!! What a great idea and a lovely way to stay connected!

We are so lucky to have such a great team of teachers.


Date: Sat, 22 May 2021 at 10:33
Subject: School dinners
To: <>
Cc: <>

Hi Mrs Clements,

I just wanted to let you know that <my partner> and I appreciated the school's original efforts to provide ambitious school dinners. We liked the variety and diversity which were on offer and we tried to encourage <our child> to enjoy the opportunity to taste a range of different foods and to try not to make too big a deal of not minding so much if there was something on the menu which she did not particularly like.

We were really pleased when we saw options like Jalfrezi and Teryaki on the menu and we felt that the school had made good choices for the children. It seemed to us to be a positive thing for the children.

We would be grateful if you would pass on our thanks to the catering staff and to whoever designed the original and more ambitious menu for the children as we understood this as enriching for <our child>. We understood the inclusion of spicy or more exotic dishes to be thoughtful on the part of the people who chose the menu.

Thank you


Sent: 06 October 2019 07:45
To: Clements, Sarah
Subject: Thank you


Dear Mrs Clements,


Just a quick note to say thank you to you and your team for making <child's> first few weeks of Year 2 so positive. 


<Child> has already been given such fantastic opportunities including being a representative for Pupil Voice, swimming, archery and Science club and is very excited about the forthcoming trip to the Tower of London. We are so proud that <child> will be taking part in the delivery of food parcels to Harp next week, great to see that the students are given the chance to develop a sense of social awareness and responsibility. 


<Child> has been beaming with pride in his achievements recently, <child's> Headteacher award sticker has been worn all weekend. This together with <child's> punctuality award and moving up a reading band has really given <child> a boost. We are so thankful that the great work Mrs Gopee did with <child> has continued this year, <child> is ever so happy in class Jamaica and loves learning.


So thank you once again, we could not be happier with <child's> progress at your wonderful school.


Kind regards,


Sent: 08 July 2019 16:20
To: Clements, Sarah
Subject: Chalkwell and Mrs Giles


Dear Mrs Clements


I wanted to write to thank you for providing {child's name} with such a wonderful last year in the infants.  I initially had my reservations about moving {child's name} to a new school and unsettling her after 2 years at primary school.  Numerous people advised us that we wouldn’t regret it and we are so pleased that we made the decision to go with the move.  Those initial reservations were put to bed immediately from the first day we arrived at Chalkwell. 


I would like to say how really wonderful we think Mrs Giles is as a teacher.  She really does seem to have struck the perfect balance between encouragement, discipline, respect and fun.  She will always make herself available if we have any questions or concerns and the children in the class seem to adore her. {child's name} has thrived over the past academic year and we will be sad not to have her as {child's name} teacher next year.


Kind regards


Sent: 24 June 2019 20:00
To: Clements, Sarah
Subject: Miss D’Auria




I just wanted to say how well organised I thought sports day was today.  Previously a very difficult day for {child's name}, but due to the support of Miss D’Auria, it was a hugely positive day for {the child} today.  


I also wanted to say what a fantastic teacher Miss D’Auria has been for <child's name> this year.  Clearly so much passion for teaching and genuinely really cares about the children.  I know {child's name} will be very sad to leave her in a few weeks time.


Note: some potentially identifying details have been removed/edited from the following email

Sent: 29 March 2019 06:43
To: Clements, Sarah
Subject: Miss Whitmarsh


Good morning Mrs Clements,

I wanted to let you know about a recent situation that was handled amazingly well, regarding Miss Whitmarsh and my daughter.

Unfortunately her school report, whilst absolutely glowing and positive, indicated that she wasn’t at the expected standards or English, reading and maths. This caused both my husband and I great concern, so I booked in with Miss Whitmarsh to further discuss this.

She handled the situation brilliantly, firstly by arranging to meet me some time after the end of the school day, (I work full time) she was amazingly organised, with all of {child's name removed}’s books out for us to review and she gave me her time (over 45 minutes!) and her reasoning behind her decision making.

We’ve now got a plan of action in place, and Miss Whitmarsh would like to see me again before the May half term to further monitor and review this. I fully support her decision to mark {child's name removed} at this level.

She was incredibly kind about {child's name removed}, and I really feel as if she knows her and sees that she has some really amazing strengths. I came away from the meeting and felt that she has taken the time to really get to know the children in her class as individuals.

{child's name removed} has come on so much since being in year 1 and Miss Whitmarsh has been the catalyst for her gains in both confidence and ability.

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with her professional and considered handling of what must have been a really tricky situation for her (I’d hate to have to deliver that sort of news to parents!) she really is one in a million - I'm sure you're well aware of this already!

Kind regards,


Sent: 21 March 2019 16:03
To: Lawton, Kerrie
Subject: Kind bunch of children 




Just thought I would let you know that, taking my little boy (4) to chalkwell park this afternoon along with my 7 month old ,my eldest asked a group of boys from your school to play with them.. they kindly accepted taught him the rules and helped him, recognising that he was younger than them.


The names I caught were {names removed} but there were a whole bunch of them, who were so kind, And thought they deserved some recognition.. I’m sure they would be apart of the infant school however not 100%.


Kind regards,

{name removed}


Sent: 05 March 2019 13:39
To: Clements, Sarah
Subject: Positive feedback. Shelley Cooper


Dear Mrs Clements,


My name is {name removed} and we are relocation to Leigh-on-sea in the middle of March. I am in touch with Council and Shelley Cooper to arrange the school place for our daughter {name removed} (almost 6 years old) and I want to provide you my feedback about Shelley.


I think she is doing great job, she is responsive and always ready to help and it's pleasure to collaborate with her. She always keep me updated about the situation with school place allocation. I have 15 + years of experience in the customer service field (IT area) and I can confirm this one of the best service quality I have ever seen. It tells a lot about how things work in the school and obviously have positive impact on the whole school reputation among parents.


Just wanted to let you know about my experience so far and thank to Shelley and you as the person who manages the school staff.


If there is any public place I can share my feedback publicly - don't hesitate to let me know, it's always helpful to recognise and award people who follow Above The Line approach.


Thanks and have a nice day!



Sent: 04 March 2019 16:50

To: Clements, Sarah

Subject: Thank you


Dear Mrs Clements,


Hope you had a good weekend.


I just wanted to say thank you for inviting us to attend the celebration assembly on Friday. It was so great to be able to see first hand what goes on - and it helps makes sense of the little bits of information I gather from {child's name removed}.


I also loved seeing how encouragement and respect is held in high regard and actively taught in such a friendly way.


I look forward to the next assembly!

Thanks again

{name removed}