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Camera and Video Use

'Use your camera and video courteously’ code – a guide for parents who wish to use photography at and/or video an event.


Generally photographs and videos for organisation and family use are a source of innocent pleasure and pride which can enhance self-esteem for children and young people and their families. By following some simple guidelines we can use such materials safely and with regard to the law.


• Remember that parents and carers attend organisation events at the invitation of the governing body or head of the organisation.

• The governing body or head of the organisation has the responsibility to decide if photography and videoing of organisation performances or events is permitted

.• The governing body or head of the organisation have the responsibility to decide the conditions that apply in order that children are kept safe and that the performance or event is not disrupted and children and staff not distracted.

• Parents and carers and their families can use photographs and videos taken at the organisation’s event for their own personal use only. Such photographs and videos cannot be sold and must not be put on the web/internet as that would contravene Data Protection legislation.

• Recording and/or photographing other than for private use would require the consent of all the other parents whose children may be included in the images.

• Parents and carers must follow guidance from staff as to when photography and videoing is permitted and where to stand in order to minimise disruption to the activity. Restrictions on photography also apply to video and camera phones.

• We ask you to turn off mobile and camera phones during the performance or event to prevent disrupting it.

• Parents and carers must not photograph or video children changing for performances or events or in areas not designated by the organisation as being acceptable.
• If you are accompanied by people that organisation staff do not recognise they may need to check out who they are if they are using a camera or video recorder.