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Physical Education

Physical Education


Healthy, active lifestyles  - Pupils will be encouraged and inspired to be active individuals, with a focus on recognising and understanding the value of a healthy lifestyle
Competition and cooperation - Pupils will develop the skills and communication required to compete alongside and against other individuals, understanding the importance of good sportsmanship and a positive competitive attitude
Physical literacy - Pupils will develop motivation, confidence and competence to embed fundamental movement skills required to be successful in physical activities


In PE, we aim to develop pupils who are confident to explore physical activities whilst appreciating how these promote their health and fitness. Through the development of fundamental movement skills, children are able to enhance their agility, balance and coordination to become competent in skills such as running, jumping, throwing, catching and dancing. Team games allow pupils to learn how to cooperate and build character through healthy competition. PE teaching continues outside of the curriculum through after-school sports clubs such as football, netball, tag rugby, cross country and athletics as well as inter-school and intra-school competitions. In year 2, children have the opportunity to learn to swim in lessons at Earls Hall Primary School.


We offer a range of physical and sports based out of school clubs, including football, tag rugby and gymnastics.