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Welcome to the Governors' section

A good governing body is vital to a school's success.

Governors make key decisions, which can directly affect the education and well being of your children.

Governors - in partnership with the Headteachers - aim to really make a positive difference for the children and the community they live in.


Who are we?
Some of us are parents whose children are pupils (past and present) at the school. Others are teachers or members of the community who may have particular professional skills that are valuable to the team. The Headteachers of the Infant school and the Headteacher of the Junior school also sit on the Governing Body.

But we do have certain things in common. We're all over 18 years of age, have been elected or appointed to the role, we don't get paid for the job and we all care about the school and the children.

Want to know more about us? You can read more detailed information about each of us below.


What do school governors do? 

-We ensure statutory compliance with Keeping Children Safe in Education and its associated policies

-Promote high standards of educational attainment by setting, monitoring and evaluating targets for pupil achievement

-Take general responsibility for the conduct of the school

-Regulate and approve the school's budget

-Make sure that the curriculum is balanced and broadly based and report on pupils' achievement in National Curriculum assessments and examination results

-We participate in the appointment of senior staff (including appointing the Headteachers) and regulate staff conduct and discipline.


How do we try to achieve that?

-We work closely with the Headteachers and other staff and have regular contact and discussions.

-We work as a team to highlight the school's particular strengths and weaknesses and to find ways to support the school in its improvements and developments.

-Decisions are made collectively as a team or delegated to the Headteachers

-Through regular governor meetings and individual governor visits we give focus to specific areas of the school, such as safeguarding, leadership and management, standards and progress, behaviour, finance, HR, performance management.

-We visit school as often as possible to meet teachers and pupils, to see lessons, carry out specific responsibilities such as health and safety checks. We can be found applauding wildly at the nativity play, sports day and harvest festival, and take great pride in presenting the Governor Award at celebration assembly every week. 
How can you contact us? 
You can contact us via the school office or approach us in the playground (our photographs are lower down on this page).

You can also email us at:

Your Governing Body

Jamie Isaacs

Chair of Governors

Date of Appointment 01.09.18 Term ends 22.04.23

In 2015 having seen my first child thoroughly enjoy her time in the Infant School and with my second child about to start, I took the plunge and sought election as a parent governor. The ability to learn all about the inner workings of the school, add value from my own areas of expertise outside of education and combine the two to help maintain the school’s high standards, continues to prove an incredibly rewarding experience.

My professional background has encompassed a number of leadership roles within financial services that have enabled me to contribute in the three key governance areas of strategic direction, financial performance and executive performance management. However, with zero educational background myself, I’m always learning!

Having lived in the area for the large majority of my life I am acutely aware of the school’s high standing in the community and am keen to do everything possible to maintain that standing for the children today and the children who are fortunate enough to attend in the future.

Kathy Morey

Vice Chair

Date of Appointment 05.02.20     Term Ends 04.02.24

I have been supporting young children for over 7 years finding a new passion in sport and trying to do and be their best. When my daughter started school I wanted to be able to better support her on her path and understand the school system. After I was approached in late 2019 to consider supporting a school as a governor and learning all about how a school works I joined the board of governors early 2020 just before we were hit by Covid and lockdown and little did we know what that meant for the education of our children. I feel honoured to be part of such a passionate team of governors and school leaders who are working hard to maintain the high standard of the school and provide the best possible education and development to our children. It is a very rewarding role where I am still continuing to learn every day. I have experience in working in Pensions and Finance over the past 25 years, guiding and training Pension Trustee and working with authorities. It feels great to be able to share my experience and add value in a different type of business.

Alison Garner

Parent Governor

Date of Appointment 30.09.21     Term Ends 29.09.25

I am passionate about developing children’s potential through learning & creativity. My background is in theatre, youth arts & creative learning. In 2020 I set up Elevator Arts to deliver arts & drama projects for young people in Southend. Currently, our work is focused on supporting the mental health & wellbeing of vulnerable young people and improving their life chances to aid our community’s recovery from the COVID-19 crisis. Since moving from London a few years ago & now with our son at Chalkwell Hall Infants, I am keen to get involved more deeply in the local community, share my skills & learn more! 

Ella Kotze

Co-opted Governor

Date of Appointment 06.12.23     Term Ends 05.12.27

I have been a teacher for a number of years in a range of very different and diverse schools both within London and now in Southend. I have a passion for infant education and the early years and have a sound knowledge of current educational research and strategies. I am lucky to have both my children at Chalkwell Infants School and I am enjoying watching how they are growing and developing with the school's support and guidance. I am excited to become part of the Chalkwell governing body.

Joanne Calver

Co-opted Governor

Date of Appointment 06.12.23     Term Ends 05.12.27

I've worked within the education system most of my life, from Class Teacher to Deputy Head and everything else inbetween. I'm now semi retired but still very passionate about ensuring all our children get the very best opportunities. I would  like to support Chalkwell Infants in providing a safe and positive enviroment, where everyone can thrive.

Chris Coley

Co-opted Governor

Date of Appointment 11.05.22     Term Ends 10.05.26
I joined the Governing Board in early 2022, having watched my daughter thoroughly enjoy her time at the school, and with my son starting his infant journey the same school year.  As the son of two teachers, I’m well aware of the stresses and strains of running a school, and I hope to help in any way I can to allow the teaching staff to get on with what they do best!  Originally from the south coast, I’ve lived in Chalkwell since 2015 and have worked in financial services for over 20 years.


Katie Brazier

Co-opted Governor

Date of Appointment 15.05.24     Term Ends 14.05.28

Jennifer Hubbard

LA Governor

Date of Appointment 06.07.22     Term Ends 05.07.26

I have always worked in education settings and have a passion for early years and learning through play. My working background is in teaching children with Special educational needs. I believe that all children should be able to reach their full potential and have lots of fun along the way! 

I currently work in a preschool setting and love being a part of developing and supporting children at the very start of their education journey. I have a son who attends Chalkwell school and have loved watching how the school have supported him to develop and grow. I am excited to have joined the governor body and look forward to my time in post learning new things and using my experience in any way I can.

Sarah Clements


Date of Appointment 31.01.13     Term Ends N/A

I am passionate about providing the very best for our young people here at Chalkwell. I have been lucky enough to work at Chalkwell Hall Infant school for over 10 years, both as a Deputy Headteacher and Headteacher.

Emma Howe

Staff Governor

Date of Appointment 22.01.20     Term Ends 21.01.24

I joined the school in September 2016 and feel it is a privilege to be part of such a fantastic school.  There is a great community spirit and both the children and staff thrive to achieve their best.  With this in mind, I have taken on the role of  staff governor and look forward to adding some value to the governing body and their decision making.

Jo Milbank
Associate Governor

Date of Appointment 17.10.18     Term Ends 16.10.22

I am the Deputy Headteacher and an Associate Member of the Governing Body. I am passionate about infant education and want to do the very best to help our children reach their potential.

Andy Newnham

Associate Governor

Date of Appointment     Term Ends 06.07.25

My passion and enthusiasm is teaching and learning and my aim is for all children who attend Chalkwell to achieve and reach their full potential. I joined the Chalkwell community in September this year as Headteacher of the Junior School. I work closely with the Infant School and alongside Mrs Clements to ensure there are close links between the schools and the children move seamlessly from one school to another.





(Teaching and Learning)


(Finance, Premises, Staffing)


(including Catering)


Tuesday 5th December 2023

at 6.30pm

Wednesday 11th October 2023

at 6.30pm

Tuesday 28th November 2023

at 1.30pm


Wednesday 14th February 2024

at 6.30pm

Wednesday 27th March 2024

at 6.30pm

Tuesday 13th February 2024

at 1.30 pm


Wednesday 10th July 2024

at 6.30pm

Wednesday 15th May 2024

at 6.30pm

Tuesday 25th June 2024

at 1.30 pm


PAY COMMITTEE: Wednesday 11th October 2023 at 5.30 pm 

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