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Purple Mash


Purple Mash can be accessed for ALL children in Year 1 and 2,  should they choose to do so. Some tasks are allocated daily, see

‘2 Do’ list. (top left-hand corner) Some other activities will be allocated weekly. You can access any activities, or games if you choose, even if they have not been allocated.


For the activities allocated, there may be ‘levels’ of difficulty so some levels will be more challenge than others. The children are not expected to complete all levels, completely up to them and their stage of learning. Some activities may require adult support to access.


We hope to vary all activities so there is a wide range to choose from. Activities also do not have to be completed on the set date! Worksheets and other resources can be found to download and print, should you choose to do so.


Please remember, none of these activities are compulsory and there is no expectation to complete. We just want to give children an opportunity for home learning, should they choose.


Above all, whatever learning you decide to do with your child, make it simple and keep it fun!!



To access Purple Mash:-

  1. Go to
  2. log in with the username and password provided by your child's teacher


You can watch the 'Purple Mash in 2 minutes' explanatory video on this page -