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Sent: 21 March 2019 16:03
To: Lawton, Kerrie
Subject: Kind bunch of children 




Just thought I would let you know that, taking my little boy (4) to chalkwell park this afternoon along with my 7 month old ,my eldest asked a group of boys from your school to play with them.. they kindly accepted taught him the rules and helped him, recognising that he was younger than them.


The names I caught were {names removed} but there were a whole bunch of them, who were so kind, And thought they deserved some recognition.. I’m sure they would be apart of the infant school however not 100%.


Kind regards,

{name removed}


Sent: 05 March 2019 13:39
To: Clements, Sarah
Subject: Positive feedback. Shelley Cooper


Dear Mrs Clements,


My name is {name removed} and we are relocation to Leigh-on-sea in the middle of March. I am in touch with Council and Shelley Cooper to arrange the school place for our daughter {name removed} (almost 6 years old) and I want to provide you my feedback about Shelley.


I think she is doing great job, she is responsive and always ready to help and it's pleasure to collaborate with her. She always keep me updated about the situation with school place allocation. I have 15 + years of experience in the customer service field (IT area) and I can confirm this one of the best service quality I have ever seen. It tells a lot about how things work in the school and obviously have positive impact on the whole school reputation among parents.


Just wanted to let you know about my experience so far and thank to Shelley and you as the person who manages the school staff.


If there is any public place I can share my feedback publicly - don't hesitate to let me know, it's always helpful to recognise and award people who follow Above The Line approach.


Thanks and have a nice day!



Sent: 04 March 2019 16:50

To: Clements, Sarah

Subject: Thank you


Dear Mrs Clements,


Hope you had a good weekend.


I just wanted to say thank you for inviting us to attend the celebration assembly on Friday. It was so great to be able to see first hand what goes on - and it helps makes sense of the little bits of information I gather from {child's name removed}.


I also loved seeing how encouragement and respect is held in high regard and actively taught in such a friendly way.


I look forward to the next assembly!

Thanks again

{name removed}