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Preparing for School

School Readiness
Starting 'big' school can be a little daunting for both you and your child so we thought it may help to provide a few ideas of how to help your child to become 'school ready'.


We don’t expect children to start school with any knowledge of phonics, reading or writing. It is important that they have the social and communication skills they need first. Some of these skills that may benefit your child when they start school and can be practised at home are:

  • Being Independent
  • Toileting (including flushing and washing hands)
  • Dressing – putting coats on and doing up zips
  • Using cutlery
  • Being willing to have a go


  • Listen to  and follow simple instructions
  • Communicate with peers and adults
  • Ask for help 


  • Separating from parents/ carers (we know this can take some time at first)
  • Choosing toys and games and playing with friends
  • Joy of learning (books, drawing, counting songs)


You could also take some ideas from our A-Z of school readiness below! 


We believe that every child is unique and on their own learning journey so please don’t compare them to others. It takes some children a little longer to get there but it doesn’t mean they won’t make it! 


The most important aspect of transition is ensuring your child's well being so that they are settled, happy and ready to learn. 

Transition activities begin in the Summer term before your child starts school and continue right through to September. Some of these include:

  • All known pre-schools/ nursery settings are invited to visit the school with the children
  • Parent Information Evening
  • Welcome card from current pupils
  • A transition booklet for children with photos of staff and classrooms
  • Picnic in the park
  • Stay and play sessions (with parents)
  • Story session (without parents)
  • Induction meeting with class teacher


As soon as these dates have been confirmed, you will receive a letter with more details about these important and exciting events!

Settling in
Our normal transition period involves a 2 week period in September of home visits, stay and play sessions and story sessions. This is followed by 1 week building up from morning sessions to morning including lunch and then full time.


When children start school, the first half term will be spent getting to know the children, settling them in, helping them to get to know the boundaries, giving them confidence in the school setting and supporting them to make new friends. 

Class organisation
Pre-schools are always very helpful with letting us know about friendships and where children may need any additional support with transition.  When creating classes, we take into account pre-school settings, gender and twins.


There are 3 classes in this year's cohort. The classes each have their own space for whole class learning but share both the classroom and outside space during "activity time".

Strong school/parent partnership
We have an open door policy and encourage parents to come to our regular coffee mornings to meet the teacher informally and chat with other parents.


Tapestry is our online learning journal through which we document how your child is getting on in school.  Equally, we love to see what your child has been getting up to at home and encourage parents to post on there too.


This partnership starts now so please contact us if you have any questions or we can support you with transition for your child in any way.