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Letter from Mrs Clements - Covid 19 Letter 6

29th April 2020


Dear Parents / Carers,


I haven’t been formally in touch with you all for quite some time, so thought a letter was due.


Firstly, I am hoping that this letter finds you and your families safe, well and happy. As you may know, school remains open for a very small number of pupils: those who parents are Key workers and those who are identified as vulnerable. To ensure the safety of everyone, our school staff are on a rota, whereby they are only in school when absolutely necessary. When they are not here, they have been kept very busy, preparing and delivering virtual lessons and managing their other responsibilities.


In this strange time of home schooling, we are doing our best to support you to support your child. We have thought carefully about the fundamental learning your child would be exposed to if they were here with us, and tried to adapt that so they can access the learning (with you) in some way at home.


Although our main vehicle for sharing this learning with you is our Facebook page, all the learning material can be accessed via our website. Here, we can organise it so that you can locate the appropriate learning, access the material at the most convenient time and re-visit tasks should you need to. All tasks and activities are targeted at a specific year group, so be sure to choose the correct one.


To access our home leaning click here or from our home page, find ‘Children’ and then choose ‘home learning’ from the drop down menu.


We have now let you know when you can expect certain learning videos/tasks such as phonics or maths, this is to help you plan your week if you would like to.


We appreciate that every family is finding their new normal, and this normal looks different in different homes. So although we are not insisting your child takes part in these learning tasks, we are recommending them in order for your child to keep up in some way. Our priority and advice remains the same, continue doing your number one job of being a loving parent; keeping your child as safe as you can and ensuring they are happy. For those who want/need support with learning, we’re here for you. You can contact us via email, we will reply as soon as we can.


We will continue to keep you as up to date as we possibly can with news of how and when we will return to school as we knew it. Until then, stay safe and look after one another.


Kind Regards



Sarah Clements