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Chalkwell Hall

Infant School

EYFS Curriculum

The EYFS curriculum is divided into the following areas:


Personal Social and Emotional Development:

PSED is taught through ‘Circle Time’ which enables us to talk about any worries, concerns and beliefs. We discuss the behaviour expectations in school by using the ‘Golden’ rules. We learn how to make relationships with new friends and develop our play skills including sharing and turn taking, as well as developing self-confidence to share our thoughts and ideas in class.


Physical Development:

The children are encouraged to use scissors, pencils, paintbrushes etc. to help develop their fine motor skills. To build gross motor skills, the outside area provides opportunities for the children to use different tools, equipment and resources on a larger scale.

We participate in daily activate sessions and have a gym, games and dance lesson each week where specific skills are taught.


Communication and Language which includes Literacy 

Speech and language is encouraged through class discussions following a big book or through ‘P4C’ (Philosophy for Children), where the children have the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas.


Listening skills are encouraged at all times. We encourage turn taking and responding to and building upon our friends ideas.


Reading takes place either in a whole class situation, individually or in a small group.

Independent writing skills are developed through ‘Funky Finger’ activities leading into learning the ‘cursive’ script for letter formation.


Phonics is taught systematically and on a daily basis.


Phase words are introduced in school and sent home as ‘Teddy Bear’ words for the children to learn at their own pace.



Maths is taught on a daily basis including number, problem solving and shape, space and measure skills. Number fun songs are introduced to support our mathematics teaching.


Understanding the World:

We find out about people who help us in our local community and build this into our role-play. We also celebrate different festivals and celebrations as they occur throughout the year and find out about different cultures, comparing them to our own lives.


We look at our local environment, observing and discussing how it changes and visit the local shops, park and other facilities to further enhance our learning.


We develop our knowledge of technology through exploring different types and uses of it with in the classroom. We learn how to log on to the computers, to open and use a program, as well as developing out mouse control.


Expressive Arts and Design:

We build a repertoire of songs and dances. In music we listen to music and explore the different sounds of instruments. In Dance we explore different ways to move to music.


We encourage the children to develop their creative skills through cutting, drawing and painting activities. The children have free access to these resources so the only limit is their imagination!