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This week we acknowledged Children’s Mental Health week. Chalky’s Press wanted to find out more about what it means. We spoke to Mrs Maynard who organised activities throughout the week and she said ‘this week helps us to think of ways to keep our body and mind healthy’. We asked children in our school what activities they have enjoyed doing. Spencer (year 2) enjoyed yoga, and found it very calming. The teachers really enjoyed peer massage; they also got to have a massage too! Year 2 were also visited by the Samaritans who talked about how to manage our feelings, and who we can talk to if we’re feeling sad or angry. Please see our school website for more information about how to support children’s mental health.



This week...


We recommend....


Stuck on what book to read next? This week, three members of Chalky‟s Press decided to share their favourite stories with you. Maybe you might like to try one?

Poppy - Beast Quest Series by Adam Blade
Beast Quest books are my favourite because they are full of adventure. I also like that they have lots of surprises!

Amelia - The Ice Monster by David Walliams
It is a book about a mammoth and a girl who lived a long time ago. The girl is called Elsie and she has an adventure with the mammoth. It‟s really funny.

LJ - The 3 Little Pigs
I like this story because the wolf falls in the cooking pot. I like reading lots of stories about wolves especially when they‟re baddies!



Feeling frosty...


Chalky’s press were very excited to see a sprinkling of snow and frost this week! We thought we would research how to stay safe and keep warm if the sprinkling gets any are 5 top tips:

1. Layers and layers - make sure you are always wearing a coat outside, and make sure you always have a jumper or cardigan on too.

2. Hats - you lose a lot of your body heat from your head, wearing a hat keeps you super warm! Wear gloves and scarves too!

3. Wellies - we should always have wellies in school. If we get any more snow wellies are great grippy shoes which keep our feet dry.

4. Drink Up! - when you’re out in the cold you breathe deeper and actually lose a bit of water, drinking lots (both hot and cold drinks!) keeps you hydrated.

5. Walk - make sure you walk at a steady pace, don’t try to run or you might slip over. If it gets too icy or snowy, try to avoid driving places too!

Stay safe and enjoy!



School Clubs


After finding out all about lunchtime clubs, Chalky’s Press wanted to see what other clubs children are getting involved with at Chalkwell.


We were amazed at how many clubs run throughout the week - some even take place before school! Particular favourites are all the sports clubs: cross country, gymnastics, dance, fencing, dodgeball to name a few. Buddy (year 2) couldn’t stop raving about arts club ‘we can get really creative’ he said. Have you thought about trying one of our many clubs? Why not speak to Mrs Cooper to see which are available?


Once Upon a Time…


Children and teachers have been reporting strange goings on since returning to school. The launch of our new topic Once Upon a Time has caused a stir and Chalky’s Press wanted to find out more. Year 1 have been receiving mysterious baskets from an unknown postman, filled with fairy tale clues. Year 2 have been on a treasure hunt around school and have discovered a trail left by Little Red Riding Hood, including granny’s false teeth, a red cape and the woodcutter’s axe. We are all now so excited to find out what other creatures from fairy land might come Chalkwell for a visit…

22nd February 2018


Hello J,


Next week it is ‘Book Week’ with ‘World Book Day’ on Thursday 1st March. As usual the children are already very excited about Book Week and cannot wait to dress up as their favourite characters! Have you got your costume ready yet?


Each year group have chosen one book to focus on next week. Chalky’s Press decided to investigate which books had been chosen for which year group:


Reception: The Tiger who came to Tea by Judith Kerr

Reception have chosen this book because they have said it is one of the teacher’s favourite stories and they all agreed the children would love it!


Year 1: Castles by Colin Thompson

Year 1 have chosen to focus on this fantastic book as they have been learning about castles. Apparently the book is full of various castles made from various things!


Year2: The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame

This is a particular favourite of the year 2 teachers and they are very much looking forward to wowing the children with their costumes of the characters. We can’t wait to see that!


Bring on Book Week!

25th January 2018


This week Chalkwell Hall Infant’s school had a special assembly visit from the charity, ‘Shared Space.’


Shared Space was the charity that we donated our toys to just before Christmas. They came to our assembly to thank us for our kind donations and to explain what they did with the toys we gave them.


Shared Space explained to us that they carefully sort the toys, label them with prizes and then sell them for money. The money that they raise is then used to support the local community. It helps support poor families, hungry and homeless people and children who don’t have many toys. We were all really impressed with charity and what they did to support the people in our local community.


Mrs Maynard told Chalky’s Press that she chose to support this charity because they help support the local community. It is also a local charity which means that we can go in and make further donations!


Thank you Shared Space for explaining what you do to help others! It was really heart-warming and made us consider what else we can to do to help others.

19th January 2018

Hello everyone! J


It’s been a busy couple of weeks at Chalkwell Hall Infant school. We have been busy learning about our interesting new topics!


This week we were fortunate to have some visitors from Southend Borough Council for a special assembly about E-Safety. We were very lucky to have two ladies speak to us who were experts about keeping ourselves safe online. It was a fantastic assembly and we listened very carefully as we want to keep ourselves safe! Thank you to Miss Whitmarsh for organising that assembly for us and for also organising an assembly to teach our parents about E-Safety.


Chalky’s Press decided that they wanted to remind the children and their parents about how to keep safe online. They went out onto the playground and asked all year groups to explain how to keep safe online.


Here are our top tips for staying safe online!

  • Do not speak to strangers online!
  • Do not tell anyone your personal information (where you live, your name, your telephone number, your age)!
  • Only visit websites that your parents have said are ok!


Mrs Giles has found some links for parents to read if they’d like more information on how to keep children safe when they are online: – staying safe online

12th January 2018

Welcome back! We hope you had a fabulous Christmas and we wish you a happy New Year!

Since returning back to school, the children have been learning about New Year’s resolutions. In assembly time, they have discussed what a New Year’s resolution is and why we make them. The children discussed how our resolutions encourage us to be better people. Better listening, being kinder and being more respectful, were just a few of the ideas put forward by the children. It was great to see children reflecting on the last year and what they could do to make 2018 even better.


Chalky’s Press went out into the playground and asked children what their New Year’s resolutions were. One year 2 child said that they wanted to persevere and never give up! How wonderful! A year 1 one child said they wanted to challenge themselves to learn and achieve more!


It’s clear that we have very thoughtful children at Chalkwell Hall Infants School. Chalky’s Press know that we will certainly have a brilliant New Year!

8th December 2017

Welcome back to Chalky’s press!


We have been a very lucky school! On Wednesday 6th December we had the Pantomime visit us! Can you guess what it was? Yep, Jack and the Bean Stalk – with a twist! What fun we had! I wonder if your children could tell you the story.


Chalky’s Press thought the pantomime was spectacular! They said it was good because there was lots of impressive magic! Miss Bradford said that the magic box trick AMAZED her. Her favourite parts of the show were the singing and the dancing. Lots of children loved these parts too! One child explained that the funniest part was when Jack’s sword fell off! Mrs Morley said that her favourite bit was watching the children in the audience laugh and their reactions. She also loved the happy ending! I think we all liked that!


Thank you for organising this Mrs Palmer and Mrs Clements! We can’t wait for next year’s panto!

24th November 2017

Welcome back to Chalky’s press!


Can you believe it is Christmas in 1 month and 1 day? It’s time to get Christmassy!


Chalky’s press have continued to learn about Santa’s elves that been roaming our school when no one is around.


Last week the children did some fantastic research about how other countries celebrate Christmas. This week the elves have asked the children to learn and write about ‘The First Christmas’ story. The children have enjoyed finding out why we celebrate Christmas.


Chalky’s press have been investigating classes different elves!


France’s elf is called Tim. Apparently he has been leaving lots of glitter and setting the children in class France additional challenges that they have really enjoyed. I hear their subtraction is getting better and better!


India’s elf’s name is Dave! Dave has left them two letters setting them challenges. Dave was so impressed with India’s efforts that he mentioned the some of the children by their names!


The children are looking forward to hearing what their next challenge will be!

17th November 2017


A big hello to everyone!


I hope everyone is managing to keep warm in this cold weather! It is definitely now coat weather brrrr…….


There has been some very strange goings on at Chalkwell Infant school this week. Your own children have probably told you that the school has been bombarded with elves! Santa’s elves in fact!


It seems that each class has a class elf! On Monday, each class received a letter from their elf asking for help. The elves need help researching about Christmas in different countries! It was incredibly exciting! Year one children reported a trail of glitter leading to their letters, while it appears Egypt’s elf Humphrey magically opened the back door and created a display for them! Very mysterious indeed…


The children in each class have been busily finding about Christmas around the world whilst awaiting another message from their class elf. We will keep you informed with these magical events!

10th November 2017

Welcome back everyone!


How were your half terms? We hope you all had fantastic weeks full of fun and rest ready for another exciting half term at Chalkwell Hall Infant School!


This week, Chalky’s Press decided to find out about our school’s new reception teachers, Miss Webb and Mrs Crombie.

Miss Crombie told us that she loves her new school! She loves it because it is fun to help children learn and she also enjoys being a part of the Chalkwell community. She thoroughly enjoys teaching Early Years. Mrs Crombie’s hobbies include tap dancing and watching films!



Miss Webb said she loves Chalkwell Infant School because everyone is very friendly and helpful. She loves that the children are so polite in our school. Miss Webb teaches funky fingers, phonics and maths to her reception class. Her hobbies include walking to the park with her dog, baking cakes and singing!


20th October 2017


Hey everyone!


Well it is nearly half term and there are some very excited children in our school!


This week, Chalky’s Press have been making sure that the children and teachers know how to keep themselves safe in our school.


Miss Thompson reminded us that we can keep ourselves safe by following the golden rules and by setting a good example to others by doing the right thing. Miss Stevens explained that all the teachers and adults in the school have training about how to keep people safe in school. The teachers also have meetings together and with the children to discuss how we can keep safe in school. Also, at the beginning of the school year each class carried out a risk assessment of the playground. We did this so that we know how to play sensibly and safely on the outdoor equipment.


The children in the school also reminded us of some of the ways we keep safe in school:


“We stay with people that care about us and we help others.’ – Yr2 child

“Make sure you look where you are going, so no one gets hurt.” – Yr2 child

“We know not to jump off the tree house because we could hurt ourselves.” – Yr1 child


It is clear that the children in our school know how to keep safe!


Now we have talked about how to keep safe at school, I would like to remind all the children and their families to keep safe during half term. Have a fun and safe break! We look forward to seeing you all soon.

13th October 2017


Hello everyone!


Last week Chalky’s Press went out on a mission to answer this question, ‘What are children enjoying about the new school year?’ In order to answer this question Chalky’s press interviewed some children from each different year group. It turns out that there is a lot that children love about school! But we already knew that, didn’t we?


Here are some of the children’s answers to what they enjoy at school!


“I like the ICT club.” – Year 1 child

“I love it when we go swimming!” – Year 2 child

“I like to play on the toy mountain. I like to play ‘spying’ from the top.” – Reception child

“I enjoy colouring with the pens.” – Reception child

“Play time!” – A group of year 1 children

“I love eating the mash potato.” – A year 2 child


It’s clear that there is a lot to love about being at school! What else have you been enjoying?

Friday 22nd September 2017


Hello everyone!


We are the new Chalky’s press team and we are going to be writing a piece for the newsletter every week. Our team is Sofia and Zac from class Mexico, Oliver and Oscar from class India, Scarlett and Freddie from class Japan, and Nathan and Daisy from class Egypt. We are so excited to be bringing you the breaking news from Chalkwell Hall Infants School.!


We’ll be interviewing visitors and people who work in our school. We’ll also be writing about interesting events through the year.


We hope you enjoy our articles!

Our Year - 04/07/17


This is going to be our last Chalky’s press article for the year; thank you for reading these reports we hope you enjoyed them. Here are some of our favourite things we’ve done in year two. First of all learning maths, English, art, music and science. We enjoyed all our lessons and spending time with our teachers. We have also enjoyed swimming and our trips out of school, including the sea life centre. Dressing up on medieval day was also fantastic! Coming up before the end of the year we have our end of infants ‘Wind in the Willows’ production and a trip to Southchurch Park. We can’t wait! We will miss the infant school but we are looking forward to moving to the juniors.

Summer Fete - 27/06/17


Chalkwell summer fete will be this weekend on Saturday 1st July from 12pm – 3pm.


At our summer fete we will have lots of stalls and fun things for you to do. You can buy things, try the tombola, eat and drink and go on the bouncy castle. Every class has their own stall that they will be running and some parents will be helping on the stalls. Choir, recorders, orchestra and ukulele will be performing at the summer fete and they have been practising hard all term.


Come along and enjoy the fun day with your friends; we can’t wait to see you!

Parents to School - 20/06/17


This week year 2’s have had parents to school. Our parents come to school to see how we’re learning and to get creative. When our parents came in we went to the small hall and our teachers had got the hall ready, full of activities. The theme of our parents to school was ‘wind in the willows’ because that is our topic. Our favourite activities were making finger puppets, decorating cookies, making a basket for cookies and writing. If our parents couldn’t come then we could be with other parents or our teacher and friends. We still had snack in the playground and our adults were waiting for us when we got back. We are allowed to keep our activities and we can’t wait to take them home and eat our cookie.

Sports Day - 08/06/17


This week year two and year one had their sports day. Reception's was cancelled because of the weather but it will be soon. At year two sports day we had lots of different kinds of activities. Our favourites were triple jump, 100m sprint, shot-put, a hockey obstacle course and a relay race. The hockey obstacle course was the hardest one because we had to control the ball on grass, which is tricky. We all loved the relay race because everybody got a turn to run and it was good teamwork.


The last race that we watched was the mums and dads race. The winners were Mrs Bays and Mr Gale both from class India! Wow!


We still don’t know the winners but the winning team will be revealed on Friday morning in our celebration assembly. Fingers crossed!

Music at Chalkwell - 25/05/17


At Chalkwell we have four different types of music club. These are choir, orchestra, recorders and ukulele. Choir is a club for all the children in the school, recorders is just for year twos and ukulele is for year one and two. At the clubs we learn to sing and perform songs for enjoyment and different performances.


Some of the performances our clubs have done this year are Leigh lights, Christmas and harvest show, infant music festival and Southend makes music. And we still have more events to come! We'll be performing at village green and the summer fete.


Our great music teachers come from in and out of school and help us to learn our songs in a fun way. We really enjoy going to our music clubs and watching our friends perform and we hope you do too!

Tag Rugby - 18/05/17


On Wednesday 10th May ten children from key stage one went to a tag rugby tournament and played against lots of other local schools. We came in first place!


All of the children that went to the tournament were part of the tag rugby club in school and go to the club every Tuesday. It was at Southend ground and Mrs. Corrigan and Mrs. Grahm took us there. We had to wear our PE kits and our brand new tags for good luck. We all received a medal for coming in first place and this is the first time in 10 years that we have won the tournament! The scores were: 3-3, 2-1 to Chalkwell, 1-1, 4-3 to Chalkwell and 4-1 in the final. Well done to all the children who took part and to our tag rugby teacher.

Sport at Chalkwell Hall Infant School - 03/05/17


We love sport at Chalkwell Infants and do lots of exercise and games during PE and in our after school clubs. In PE, we learn lots of different sports and skills. In year two we have learnt hockey, tag rugby and football. Year ones have learnt about agility, balance and co-ordination. Reception have just started doing PE and are learning skills to help them with PE next year. We also do dance and gymnastics and even spend a term doing swimming in year one and two!


After school we have lots of clubs to choose from. We have yoga, tag rugby, football, dance and netball. John from Chalky’s press goes to football and tag rugby and says they are ‘exciting and fun’. Annabelle goes to netball and says it’s ’10 out of 10 because you learn how to throw the ball properly and all of the different positions’.


We also have lots of children who attend clubs out of school and we celebrate their medals and badges in assembly. Keep up the sport Chalkwell!

All about Topics! - 19/04/17


In our school we learn about lots about different topics and wanted to tell you all about them…


Every year group has their own topic each term and reception change their every few weeks. We do lots of work in class to help us to learn about our topics and love learning fun new facts. We also learn about our topics at home when we do our creative homework. When we have done our creative homework we bring it in to show our friends at school.


We also go on special trips to help us to learn more about our topics! Year two went to the Tower of London when they were learning knights, dragons and castles and year ones had a palaeontologist visit the school when they were learning about dinosaurs.


Our new topics for KS1 this term are wind in the willows for year two and amazing animals for year one. We can’t wait to learn more about them!

Captains - 30/03/17


This article is going to be about the captains and vice captains we have in Chalkwell Hall Infants school.


We have house captains, vice house captains and sports captains. The sports captains get together to talk about sports events in school and help to make decisions about PE and sports day. The teacher in charge of these children is Miss. Palfrey.


There are also house and vice captains of the four houses in our school. The four houses are: Colchester, Mount Fitchet, Hadleigh and Hedingham. They have lots of important jobs to do. Every Thursday they go to all of the classes to collect the house points. In celebration assembly, they read the total points for the houses and if your house gets the most amount of points then you have a colour ribbon to tie around the trophy. House captains also get to show new visitors around our school sometimes and are great role models to others.


We love having all of our captains in school and think they are doing a great job!

Cross Country - 15/03/17


Last week the year twos at Chalkwell took part in a cross country event with lots of other schools. We trained very hard for weeks leading up to the race at lunchtimes. We would go over to the park with a few teachers and practise running around the park twice to help us get faster. Then the cross country team was chosen and we were ready for the race.


The race was at Garons Park and there were hundreds of children there. There were four different races: year one girls, year one boys, year two girls and year two boys. We all waited our turn to race and ate our lunch at the park.


A few children from Chalky’s Press ran in the race. We did fantastically! Out of 120 children, Alex came 71st, Oscar came 23rd, Alba came 55th and Annabelle came 20th.

The proud certificate winners!



We have just been informed that the boys team came 3rd out of 20 teams entered and the girls team came 10th out of 20!

Assemblies - 08/03/17


Celebration Assemblies

Every Friday morning we have a celebration assembly to help us celebrate all the achievements that week. We give out lots of special awards like the governor’s award and the star of the week certificates. Mrs. Clements also chooses the winner of maths challenge and the punctuality pencil. If you have had a birthday in that week then you will get a birthday card too and everyone will sing to you.


Singing Assembly

On a Thursday we have singing assembly with Mrs. Bower. We learn songs for our next event or holiday and have lots of fun.


Teacher’s Assembly

Our Wednesday assembly is by a different teacher each week. We talk about important things from history, British values and special things that are happening in the world. We love meeting all the different teachers!


Visitors Assembly

Sometimes we have special visitors for assembly! We have had people from Southend Football Club tell us all about their jobs. We also have people from St Mary’s church come in and tell us bible stories.


We hope you enjoyed hearing about our assemblies.

Book Week - 02/03/17


Book week is when we celebrate books and reading in school. Each year has a special book to look at through the week. We write about it and do art work to go with our book. Year twos book is called ‘how to live forever’ and its fantastic!


In book week, we have a special event called ‘drop and read’ and when the bell goes we have to stop what we are doing and read a book. It’s been great fun and we have all read lots of our books.


On book day, we are allowed to dress up as one of our favourite characters from a book. There will even be a fashion show so that we can all look at each other’s costumes. A book fair will be in the hall until next Tuesday so that we can buy new books if we would like to.


We all love book week and hope you do too!

Art for Art's sake! - 31/01/17


On Thursday last week an artist called Suzie came into our school to help us learn how to sketch. We had our art lesson two classes at a time in the hall. She taught us how to draw and colour in the style of Monet. We had to use oil pastels and colour in with small strokes. We also learnt how to mix colours and make darker shades of colour. We were then allowed to draw our own picture in a similar style to Monet’s and take it home.








Here are some facts we know about Monet…


He was a famous artist who created pictures using small strokes. He never used black and never left any white on the page. Some of his pictures are the Japanese bridge, poppy field and woman in the garden.

Swimming - 25/01/17


How do we get there?

Every time we go swimming we get on the mini bus. It’s a five minute journey to the pool. Steve is our driver every week and he loves driving us. To make sure we are safe in the mini bus we have to be quiet and wear our seatbelts.


In the Pool

We learn lots of different skills in our swimming lessons.


In year two we learn front crawl and back stroke. Back stroke is the most tricky! At the end of the lesson we always play a game, sing a song or practise our floats.


We can now do a star float and a mushroom float. Sometimes we even do a roly poly or handstand too!




Our Teachers

Our swimming teachers are Mrs. King and Mrs. Morley and they are responsible for us in the pool. Thank you for teaching us!

18/01/17 - All about lunch times!


Every day in school we have a one hour lunch break and this week we are going to be writing about some of the things we get up to in this time.

We always start our lunch time with a play on the playground. When the mid day assistants blow the whistle and show our flag it is time for our class to go in for lunch. We choose our dinner and drink and go and sit with our friends. If you eat all of your dinner and dessert then you get a sticker! After you have eaten your lunch there are lots of other things that you can do. You can either stay on the playground and play or you can attend one of our lunch time clubs. We have lots of interesting clubs to choose from in the week and all of them are run by one of our teachers.




Our favourite clubs at Chalky’s Press are chess club with Mrs. Palmer, ICT club with Mr. Horne and lego club with Miss. White.


If you want to play a quiet game you can also go and visit Mrs. Graham in the acorn room.


We love our lunch times!


13/01/17 - Walking to school


We are having a problem in school and we would like our readers to help…


Lots of traffic is building up around our school when children are being dropped off in the mornings and picked up in the afternoons. This is making it tricky for people who walk to cross the road safely, it is slowing other drivers down and is very bad for the environment. If you do live far away then why not park a few roads away from school and then walk in? Walking gives you exercise, keeps you healthy and is good for the environment! Wow! We hope to see lots of you walking to school soon. Thank you for your help!

16/12/16 - A visit from Santa


Last Thursday Santa visited Chalkwell Hall Infant School. We were all very excited and class by class we were called to Santa’s Christmassy grotto. We waited patiently with Santa’s elves for Santa to be ready and then went in five children at a time. When we went inside the grotto it looked amazing! Santa asked if we had been naughty or nice this year. Of course we had all been nice! Then he asked if we would like a present, which we all said yes to. Some of us had a photo with Santa and then we went back to our classes. We opened our presents and Santa had got us soft, funny emoji cushions. What fantastic presents! Thank you Santa. We can’t wait to see you again on Christmas Eve! 

9/12/16 - ‘The Panto Bus’ visits our school (oh yes it does!)


On Monday we had ‘The Panto Bus’ visit school to perform a pantomime for all the children. The show was called sleeping beauty and we all sat together to watch it in the hall. Before the show started we told Muddles and Nelly jokes to get us in the mood for the show. They told the story of sleeping beauty with the help of some great new characters along the way. The show was amazing because it was very funny and the evil character called Malificent lost the prince at the end of the show. She was very mean but also good fun, every time she came on stage we said ‘boo’.  Our favourite part of the show was when Aurora and the prince kissed and got married. We also loved the part when all of the children and teachers were up dancing at the end of the show. 

2/12/16 - Choir sing at the Leigh lights


Last Friday choir went to sing at Leigh lights and lots of us went to watch them. They stood in front of a restaurant in Leigh and sang for the crowd. They all had small torches and microphones were passed around so that everybody could hear the beautiful singing. The choir sang all of their favourite Christmas songs including Rudolph the red nose reindeer, silent night and jingle bells. After they sang the choir could go to their adults and watch the parade. There was also a funfair with fun games. Some of us watched the band play Christmas music and if you were watching carefully you might have even spotted the person dressed up as the Grinch. We had a great time at Leigh lights, we hope you enjoyed it if you were there. We can’t wait for next year!